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Vocals, Guitar / Elli Schoen


With her exquisite melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and powerhouse husky voice, Elli Schoen is one of the most promising young acts to emerge from Fremantle’s rich music scene. Drawing on deeply personal experiences of love, friendship and heartbreak, her beautifully-crafted songs are driven home by arresting vocals – and spliced with hilarious on-stage banter.

Elli Schoen is not just one to watch. She is THE one to watch. Magnificent melody, broken and beautiful. Reminiscent of Martha Wainwright with a large dose of her own, unique expression.
— Abbe May

Keyboard / James Dunn


Drums / Anthony Doherty


Lead Guitar / Chris Mackenzie


Backing Vocals - Jade RichardS


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Although we make music for the love of making music, financial reality has a habit of getting in our way.  Making ends meet as a musician isn't easy in these times of free online content and the cost of recording, filming, editing and touring has meant that every member of the band has been losing financially.   We depend on your support to get by, stay independent and keep producing new content. 

Below are 3 ways in which you can help us to keep creating great new music.

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If you enjoy our music please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, like our videos on YouTube, and share us with your friends and family.

The greater our audience, the greater chance we have of making this project work.

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There is no better way to support us than by getting a bunch of friends together and coming along to enjoy some live music when we are in town.

Keep up to date with our event dates here or on our Facebook page.

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Streaming music is great, but if you would like to keep hearing new music from Elli, it would be great if you bought her music from Bandcamp, iTunes, or Spotify.